Terms and Conditions for Community Edition regarding Confidentiality

Dear Sonar-Community,

When reading through the Terms and Conditions, I noticed the following sentence:

The Community Edition is not included in the definition of Products and is not covered by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

This invalidates the entire terms for the Community Edition in my opinion.
Hence my question regarding point “7. Personal Information” and “8. Confidentiality”:
Terms and Conditions

Are those points listed there also valid for the Community Edition? I ask because confidential information such as vulnerabilities is processed on the Sonar Server.

Thanks in advance!



You can download Community Edition of SonarQube and enter no agreement with SonarSource – we likely don’t even know that you installed it. :slight_smile: You can even build it yourself from the source code, which is open source and covered under an LGPLv3 license.

The only communication from your SonarQube server to Sonar is limited, anonymous opt-outable telemetry.

Thanks, Colin, that helped me a lot.


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