Technical Feasibility of installing Sonar-scanner on mainframe USS

We are trying to integrate SonarQube into our pipeline for mainframe (Cobol). We are reusing the inhouse distributed framework for invoking Jenkins build for mainframe also. We are already aware that sonar scanner can be invoked from a Linux box or Windows box if the sonar scanner is installed. But due to the limitation of our inhouse framework we can only invoke the sonar scanner from the agent node where the actual build runs which is mainframe USS. So we want to know if the sonar scanner can be installed in mainframe. Can you please let us know your thoughts on this?

Hello @swissbala
and thanks for joining the SonarSource community!
It is true that the scanner is only provided for three OS (Linux, MacOS and Windows), and we don’t have any plan to support it for any other one.
However, as you can see from SonarSource / sonar-scanner-cli, SonarScanner is a Java (Java 11) application and its Unix dependencies are therefore mostly limited to the shell script that starts it.

We don’t have any such Unix systems to test it on, but my feeling is that this shell is simple enough to either run on any Unix that can be equipped with Java 11, or would require very limited changes to do so.
Feel free to share your findings.

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