Syslog and SonarQube for external processing of the data

Current version of SonarQube.

Getting pipeline analysis results to our Microsoft Sentinel workspace.
Thoughts thus far:
SonarQube: this is the tricky one as there doesn’t seem to be built-in Syslog capability. We could rely on fetching from the REST API or, if you could deploy a syslog collector/forwarder onto the server, that might be ideal?

Any input from this community would be appreciated.

I did a quick ‘Google’ query for ‘SonarQube syslog’. Yes, I know very wide open, but did not want to eliminate possible answers yet.

These two came up. not sure if they quite apply here.
Server Logs & System Info

How to configure logging to syslog locally in sonarqube

A log forwarder is probably your best bet.