Logging to external log provider (Graylog)


I am using Sonarqube 7.9.1 and would like to send the various logs to a Graylog server. I have looked throught the documentation and there is no mention of these settings or if it is at all possible.

I have tried implementing a solution with this implementation as from what I can see Sonarqube uses log4j so I thought I could extend it: https://github.com/mp911de/logstash-gelf but with no luck as Sonarqube only reads it’s own logging properties and does not pass these on to log4j.

My next option seems to use rsyslog to pass the logs into syslog and then send those to Graylog.

Has anyone achieved this by using a GELF implementaion? Thanks for the help.

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What settings are you specifically looking for? Did you tried to parse the log with logstash ? The logs format are standardised, so you should be able to use a common regex to get something.