Support wildcard whitelisting for no-implicit-dependencies(S4328) rule

Would be nice to be able to whitelist the dependencies that shouldn’t be checked by the rule using wildcards: @module/*. Looking at the current implementation(no-implicit-dependencies.ts) this is not possible right now.

To provide a bit of context: we have a bunch of repositories where we are using typescript “compilerOptions.paths” to create path aliases for each module and they all share the same namespace(let’s say @module/...); because of that currently we have to whitelist like ~50 modules, and every time we create a new module, we have to update the whitelist list; therefor having wildcard support for whitelisting would help a lot in this scenario.

Perhaps an easier way to implement this, without wildcards, would be to allow to whitelist just the namespace: @module, and this should ignore imports for @module/A, @module/B, etc. Looking at the existent code this should be fairly easy to implement.

What do you guys think?