Support ruff linter report files

Ruff seems to be a pretty popular python linter: charliermarsh/ruff: An extremely fast Python linter, written in Rust. (
In the SonarCloud project settings it currently only lists options for report from Bandit, Flake8 and Pylint.

Ruff does support the output in machine readable formats.
From their documentation:

The style in which violation messages should be formatted: "text" (default), "grouped" (group messages by file), "json" (machine-readable), "junit" (machine-readable XML), "github" (GitHub Actions annotations) or "gitlab" (GitLab CI code quality report).
charliermarsh/ruff: format option

My best guess is that the junit XML format is what you most likely can/could support.
Would you be able to add support?

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Since I posted early at the start of the year, this feature request probably got missed. Pinging here to bring it back up.

Hi Sebastian, good to see you on the forum again!

We’re taking a look at Ruff, thanks for bringing it to our attention.