Support for "*.svelte" files

Hello Community,

There is a question on the “Get Help” forum related to support for Svelte (Sveltekit support). Since this seems to be a new feature, I thought I should post it here.

In my company we are using Svelte in some of our microservices, and as users of we would be really happy to have support for scanning *.svelte files.

Are there any plans to add this support?


What are your expectations here?

Do you want the HTML part or the JavaScript part of .svelte files to be scanned or both?
Or is it about this Svelte syntax itself, such as {#if !user.loggedIn}?


I guess both; at the end we would like to have the svelte files included in the test coverage statistics (currently this is not the case).

Agree with the request here. Svelte is becoming a prominent tool for web development. Having support in Sonar would be great.