Support for SDCC compiler

Hello, I have a question regarding compiler support. Having project built for STM8S using SDCC compiler, it seems I’ve hit a wall. I can’t build the project with clang, as it has compiler-specific vendor headers.

Interestingly enough, the build-wrapper does not seem to fail but build-wrapper-dump.json has nothing inside the “captures”, which gets later reported by sonar-scanner as an error.

Also to add, I’m working on Mac OS and PlatformIO, so using Cosmic Compiler is no option and IAR is too expensive for 1500 lines of code compiled into 8K :slight_smile: binary.

Hello @suculent,

I started a new thread with your post so that it is properly tagged and it is not mixing topics.

sdcc compiler is not currently supported and there is not short term plan to do so.
I created that ticket so that you can follow any progress on the topic.

Additionally, may I ask:

  • which OS you are compiling on?
  • if you are using SonarQube or SonarCloud?


Hello, I’m building on MacOS (Linux is also possible) and scanning against SonarCloud. I have SonarQube as well but without C support.

What does it roughly take to support such ancient compiler?

Thanks for the additional info.

Well, what it takes first is prioritization.
There are quite a few exotic compilers out there (as opposed to mainstream like gcc, clang, microsoft) and you are the first user to ask for that one.

OK, my question was rather towards to What does Sonar Compiler Plugin do? Is it log-parser, build-artifacts-parser (AST, Symbols) or some IPC magic?

I wonder, if I would be able to contribute with the SDCC support on my own. It would not be my first OSS contribution, however I’m not writing compilers on a daily basis :o)

I see Matej.
Thanks for the offer.

Although the C++ analysis is available for free in SonarLint and in SonarCloud for open source projects, the SonarSource plugin for C, objC and C++ is not open-source. Thus, we cannot take external contributions.