Support for OIDC generic authentication


Is there a plan to include a generic support for generic OIDC delegation authentication in SonarQube? It already supports some OIDC providers like GitHub using another enterprise OIDC provider is not possible as standard… That would be really valuable to have it!
Even if is possible to use the “OpenID Connect Authentication for SonarQube” ( This plugin is limited in term of integration and does not work well all the time…

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Hi Olivier,

We don’t plan to support this in the near future.
So far, we haven’t receive many requests for this, but we’ll keep a close watch on the topic.


Hi Christophe,
We are also looking for SonarSource support for OIDC, for integration with a private OIDC Identity Provider. A generic solution, officially supported by the vendor, is valuable for non-technical reasons.

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