SonarQube SSO Implementation by using OpenID Connect

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Hi Team,

I am working on implementing the SonarQube SSO Enable by using the OpenID Connect Authentication Plugin. As per the below Github reference URL we configured it and installed the OpenID Connect plugin in the SonarQube:

Post set up we are facing login issues, by when we check the logs it is failing due to the “key of the Identity Provider” I need to assign/update in the DB.

In the processing of setup of OpenID Connect SSO configuration we are following this reference URL:

We are using to log in to the application of SonarQube using LDAP now and trying to set up using SSO by using OpenID Connect to login.

Please find the below error login screenshot for reference after configuring the SSO of OpenID Connect Authentication:

As per the community source, I got this Identity Provider and key values:

But, we need the SSO OpenID Connect Identity Provider KEY as per the attached SS, so that we will update it in the PostgreSQL DB.

Our current application version details as below:
SonarQube Version: 8.9.8 LTS
PostgreSQL DB: 12.3
OpenID Connect Plugin: 2.1.1

Please provide me with a solution to this.

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the community!

I believe you’re going to need to ask the plugin provider this question. They would be the ones who chose the value.