Support for .NET 6

Maybe a heads-up.
We’re moving from .net 5 to 6 and we just encountered this error.
We didn’t have issues before with this. We just noticed this after we added UseDotNet@2 to our pipeline.

I’m going to put some UseDotNet@2 in our pipeline like described, it would be great to also support .net 6


For completeness, I’ve added this as a single block into our yaml and got SonarCloud to find the correct version by itself again and our tasks are using the .NET 6 SDK:

      - task: UseDotNet@2
        displayName: Use .NET 3.1
          packageType: 'sdk'
          version: '3.1.x'

      - task: UseDotNet@2
        displayName: Use .NET 6.0
          packageType: 'sdk'
          version: '6.0.x'

Hello @FreddyGroen

We’ve done a recent release of the Scanner for .NET which supports .NET 6.


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