.NET 6.0 - Is there a new scanner version available that supports this yet?


This is the error I am getting after an update to .NET 6.0 has occured. It was working with .NET 5.0.

Is there a new sonar scanner version available for .NET 6.0? Digging through topics I am seeing information saying that a new version will be available 2022 and am wondering if this has happened yet. Is there any links or information that anyone can give to help, thanks!


What’s your version of the scanner?


Hello Ann,



The current version is 5.8.0. Versions in between added support for various aspects of .NET 6.0. Although none of the summaries are explicit about running on .NET 6.0, I suspect it’s in there. Can you upgrade and try again?


Thank you Ann, I’ll try with the version you mentioned.

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