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I’ve seen a few posts regarding .NET 6.0 /VS2022 and resolutions advising that a new scanner has been made that supports these. However, there’s no guidance to advise which version of the scanner supports .NET 6.0 / VS 2022 or links to where I can obtain this.

We’re currently using the SonarQube ADO extension (verseion 4) in our builds, and we’re on version 8.9 of SonarQube Community.

Could you please advise what plugin versions I would need to be able to scan .NET 6.0 please?



Hi @tomf ,

Version 8.9 of SonarQube does not fully understand .NET 6 yet - it’s missing the ability to process .NET 6 project files (introduced in SonarQube 9.3) and new C# 10 features such as file-scoped namespaces (introduced in SonarQube 9.2). To get the best results for a .NET 6 project, you should update to the latest version.

Unfortunately the next LTS version that will fully support .NET 6 is not planned until the end of 2022, which is why we switched away from LTS to Latest for now as well.


Hi @cba,

Thank you for your help, I’ll have a look at upgrading our instance.



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