Support for modules

It would be nice to be able to

  • filter issues
  • aggregate code coverage

and maybe also to do other tasks in sonar server based on a notion of module which I believe exists in a lot of languages.

I’m specifically looking for JAVA language, and here we even have at least 2 module systems: MAVEN Modules and JPMS modules.

Background: We’re currently introducing JPMS and break up our code base. Currently we have 50 modules, with one fairly big module that is supposed to be broken up into various smaller modules. Depending on module we will have different requirements, mainly on coverage.


For issue filtering, feel free to vote for SONAR-12771

For Coverage, the Measures presentation mirrors the directory layout, so this should de facto be available.



thanks! I was not aware of the [SONAR-12771] issue.

in a practial sense you are right that drilldown in coverage allows to get coverage for a directory which will normally be the same as a module;

however for jpms this is not necessarily the case since jpms only mandates that package names are distinct between modules but there is no hierarchy in package/module relations. but, again, in a practical sense, browsing by directory fulfills my need :slight_smile: