Missing issues filter by module

I’m running analysis in my organization by performing the following mvn command in my project’s Jenkinsfile.

mvn sonar:sonar \
   -Dsonar.host.url=$SONAR_HOST_URL \
   -Dsonar.login=$SONAR_AUTH_TOKEN \
   -Dsonar.branch.name=${BRANCH_NAME} \

I am using SonarQube Version 8.2 (build 32929) Developer Edition.
I recall when I used SQ on a different maven project, that SQ would include issue filtering by module, but it is missing on my current project as you can in the screenshot.
Am I missing something in my configuration?

Hi Ittai,

You’re not missing anything. The concept of modules was deprecated and later completely dropped from SonarQube. Depending upon the version of SonarQube you were using previously, you may have still seen some vestiges of it present in the issue filtering, but that’s now gone.


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