Support "enable"/"disable" for the VSCode plugin at the User and Workspace level

In VSCode, the SonarLint plugin causes multiple errors when editing a TS file outside of a fully specified workspace (‘tsconfig.json’, etc). To fix this, add and “Enable” flag which can be set to OFF globally and re-enabled locally for a workspace which has all of the supporting configuration.

Hello, welcome to the community! And thank you for your feedback.

Could you please provide additional details about the behavior you observe?

Do you see popups that interrupt your flow, or messages in the SonarLint Output?

If you get messages in the SonarLint Output, could you please copy and paste them here for us to get a better idea of what is going on?

Finally, how common is it in your workflow not to open a “fully qualified workspace”? What is your main reason to open only a sub-directory?

We are genuinely interested in supporting the most common workflows for developers around the world, so this is critical input for us - our current main hypothesis is that not having the tsconfig.json file available in the workspace is an edge case, so if it is more widespread we can prioritize proper support accordingly.