Summary Content only for PRs that introduce new issues


We have integrated SonarCloud with many of our Github repos. Currently, the summary content under pull requests is generating a lot of noise. Rather than disable it completely, is it possible to only have the bot post summary content when a PR has issues or fails to meet the quality gate? We would basically like to remove all summary comments for PRs that do not introduce any new bugs, vulns etc. Thanks.

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Hello @Rob_Buckley ,

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This is currently not possible, and I’ve added your comment as an insight internally. Could you share more information on why the comment is too noisy (as it should only be one in that case)?

Hey @Martin_Bednorz, thank you! It’s more so due to the amount of PRs that are regular created. We also have slack notifications set up, so we get a lot of notifications around SonarCloud reports that don’t really provide any meaningful information (other than stating there are no issues).

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