Summary admin reporting for Analysis Warnings across all projects

I am using using SonarQube server EE v8.2 in production and 8.3 in test. I have 224 projects and many give analysis warnings, visible in the Web UI thanks to SONAR-11207 introduced in v7.4

On 8.2, having had to roll-back SonarJava plugin to 5.14

Property 'sonar.jacoco.itReportPath' is deprecated (JaCoCo binary format). 'sonar.coverage.jacoco.xmlReportPaths' should be used instead (JaCoCo XML format). Please check that the JaCoCo plugin is installed on your SonarQube Instance.

On SQ 8.3, using latest SonarJava plugin 6.3:

Property 'sonar.jacoco.itReportPath' is no longer supported. Use JaCoCo's xml report and sonar-jacoco plugin.

This is not a question about how to resolve these warnings.

I would simply like to know… how does one get a global overview of the warnings? ie without individually inspecting hundreds of projects, how do I track developers progress towards addressing the warnings because, until I know the warnings are addressed I cannot upgrade the SonarJava plugin… something I really want to do because of all the new rules added in the last few versions.

If the above is not currently possible but people think it would be useful then I’ll log something in JIRA (I could not find anything relevant when searching there just now).


You’ve hit a very important point! :+1:
Usually as admin if i meet those warnings after checking a bunch of notification mails during daily
routine, i drop an email to the related dev team.
Those warnings should already be part of the notification mails similar to error messages or
sonar.projectVersion (if set).
Also an admin dashboard showing those warnings filtered by project, language, … would
be REALLY useful.

Found only one endpoint that returns warnings which is api/ce/analysis_status


Hi guys,

Excellent points!

Since the feature isn’t available, I’ve moved this thread to the ‘Suggest new features’ category & wordsmithed the title slightly. (As well as pointing it out internally. :wink:)


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Thanks. Did this result in anything? ie, is there an issue in Sonarsource JIRA that I can watch (and vote for)?

Sorry, not yet. :frowning:

Hi Ann,

:disappointed_relieved: hope this is already part of your backlog and gets high priority !
As admin of several tools i need to say i’m used to such a warnings summary,
e.g. Jenkins, Sonatype Nexus …
That would ease everyone’s Sonarqube admin job !!


Hi guys,

I can’t promise anything, but at least now you have a ticket to track: