Stuck in a login loop


I wanted to explore SonarCloud for GitHub - neo4j/neo4j-go-driver: Neo4j Bolt Driver for Go.
I created my account through the GitHub integration, wanted to add this repository and :boom:: it failed.
The fact it failed is not too surprising since it turns out I don’t have the rights to add this repository to SonarCloud.

The problem now is that whenever I log in, an error screen is shown for about half a second and I’m redirected back to the login page.
The problem persists even when I revoke the permission on GitHub. As soon as I configure the GitHub integration again, the same error page is briefly shown and I’m back to the login page.

Could someone please unblock me? Thanks!

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Happy Friday Florent,
Apologies for the delayed response. I would just ask you to verify that you indeed uninstalled the SonarCloud App ({yourOrganizationName}/settings/installations)


Click “Configure”

Scroll to the bottom and select “Uninstall”.

In the meantime, we will look if there is something else causing issues with your account.

Thank you!

SonarCloud is not listed in my installations.
That being said, I can now access SonarCloud!

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