SSIS Support in SonarQube

Which Version : SonarQube Version - 7.2 Community Edition
What are we trying to achieve : Trying to scan SSIS Packages in the open source flavour of SONARQUBE.
What have I tried so far : Brainstorming on the SSIS support in SonarQube open source version.

Hello Prasenna,

As far as I know, there is no analyzer available able to scan specific SSIS syntax. If SSIS is coded using the Transact-SQL syntax, then you should be able to scan it using SonarTSQL, otherwise, I’m afraid you won’t be able to scan your SSIS Packages with SonarQube.


Thanks Alex for your response!

Thanks Alex…

*\ If SSIS is coded using the Transact-SQL syntax * - I didn’t quiet understand this statement. SSIS Packages will have Data Flow, Control Flow tasks which will eventually be calling some SQL procedures \ execute in-line queries - do you mean to say that - "TSQL code encapsulated as part of the package would be analyzed ? "

I was trying to understand what is this “SSIS Packages”. Now, I understand and I can confirm there is no analyzer available as of now to scan such project.