squid:MaximumInheritanceDepth is giving wrong value for Inheritance Depth

SonarQube coding rule set is giving wrong value for MaximumInheritanceDepth

Though the value for MaximumInheritanceDepth is 4 sonarqube is complaining as 6 which above max value.

Getting below messages in Jenkins build is getting failed:

2 SonarQube violations have been found.

MAJOR SonarQube violation:

This class has 6 parents which is greater than 5 authorized.

Could you help us what could be issue on why sonarqube validation is giving wrong results.

Thank you.

SonarJava version we are using is: 5.6.1 (build 15064)

Issue is with AxeActivityPreExecute class which extends 5 classes but violation shows that it extends 6 classes:

public class AxeActivityPreExecute extends ActivityPreExecute { }

public class ActivityPreExecute extends AbstractActivity { }

public abstract class AbstractActivity extends TransactionalTask { }

public abstract class TransactionalTask extends AbstractServiceTask { }

public abstract class AbstractServiceTask {}

AbstractServiceTask -extends Object