Squid:110 MaximumInheritanceDepth - This class has 6 parents which is greater than 5 authorized - should not count Throwable, Exception and RuntimeException in the counter

Let’s say you have a class that extends RuntimeException, ExtendedRuntimeException.
Then you have a class that extends that, ExtraExtendedRuntimeException.
Then you have a class that extends that, ExtraExtraExtendedRuntimeException.

In your application, this in practical purposes only really has an inheritance depth of 3.

However squid:MaximumInheritanceDepth of max depth = 6 will hit because this exceeds max inheritance depth. Because

Throwable -> Exception -> RuntimeException -> ExtendedRuntimeException -> ExtraExtendedRuntimeException -> ExtraExtraExtendedRuntimeException

We should remove the Throwable, Exception and RuntimeException java.lang classes from the counter.

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Hello @ndeepizza, thanks for the feedback.

In fact, you can already reach this behavior with the current state of the rule, there is a rule parameter (filteredClasses), where you can list classes to be filtered out of the count of inheritance.

I don’t think adding it by default is a good idea, other user might be happy to consider the effective inheritance depth (count every classes, even the one not written by himself).

Hope this helps,