S110 Cannot filter java.lang.RuntimeException


I’d like to report what looks like a bug

For the rule S110 Inheritance tree of classes should not be too deep, the filteredClasses cannot be set to java.lang.RuntimeException.
It can be set to java.lang.Exception, it can set to java.lang.Runtim*Exception, to java.lang.Exception,java.lang.Runtim*Exception but not to java.lang.RuntimeExce*.

It returns an error : The request cannot be processed. Try again later. and a 403 error code.

I did not find anything related to this in the documentation.

Thanks for reading this,

Hey @adambir

We’re following up on this internally. Thanks for the report and for your patience.


Thank you for bringing this to us.
We have created a ticket internally, this should be resolved soon.