SQL Server on AWS RDS

I want to connect SonarQube to SQL Server on AWS RDS.

SQL Server:RDS

The ECS task definition is as follows. Please advise.

"environment": [
                    "name": "sonar.jdbc.password",
                    "value": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
                    "name": "sonar.jdbc.username",
                    "value": "admin"
                    "name": "sonar.jdbc.url",
                    "value": "jdbc:sqlserver://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.us-east-1.rds.amazonaws.com:1433;databaseName=sonar"

Well, what happens now that makes you think it doesn’t work? That’s missing from your problem report. :slight_smile:

And, I suggest referring to the correct environment variables here.

Hi,thank you for your comment.
I solved it. I installed the SQLserver driver.