SQ7.2 - Pull Request Decoration Availability for VSTS missing


(Bert) #1

Thanks for this great feature. We are waiting since 6 months for the pull request analysis support.

The documentation for pull request decoration shows TFS support but VSTS is not supported. When will VSTS Pull Request Decoration be available?

(Anders Lind Pedersen) #2

I guess this is for Sonar free edition. Really would like this :sunny:

(G Ann Campbell) #3

Hi Guys,

It looks like this one fell through the cracks. In fact, VSTS is supported, and that is reflected in the docs (altho perhaps not prominently enough).

And as I’ve just added in your other thread, Anders, branch and PR are part of Developer edition, with no current plans to make them available in Commuity edition.


(Enes Poyraz) #4


i am getting mixed information in the docs:

How do I get my pull requests decorated?

This feature is not available yet on the new version of the extension (4.0) if you are using the most up-to-date versions of the tasks. This will come in a near future.


So my question is:
Is this info outdated?
Our Company is considering to get the Developer Edition, but we are hesitating, because we don’t know if the pull request decoration(!) is available in the Developer Edition

can you clarify?

with kind regards,
Enes Poyraz

(Nicolas Bontoux) #5

Hi Enes,

It definitely is! Since SonarQube 7.2 (see announcement). We’re currently in the process of updating the various online resources to make that clearer, so thanks for pointing it out. Note (as you may see in the announcement) that you may occasionally see TFS mentioned specifically in the context of SonarQube, as for VSTS users it’s important that they also check SonarCloud (cloud-based offering, just like VSTS).

Im going to work with @ganncamp to get both doc pages (you pointed at) updated with accurate latest info.

(Nicolas Bontoux) #9

Have removed the confusing FAQ in this doc.

An open question to folks seeking to use SonarQube (specifically) with VSTS: are you using other on-premise tools (which SonarQube is) with cloud-based services (which VSTS is) ? Would like to understand the reasoning a bit more, as a common situation would be that on-premise installations are in an internal network, and could have a hard time receiving webhooks coming from the internet cloud up there. Contrary to entirely cloud-based Continuous Integration where GitHub/VSTS/Travis/others would all be used online (and that’s where we’re positioning SonarCloud), removing the need to maintain any on-premise installation.

(Enes Poyraz) #10

Hey @NicoB

Thanks for the update!

We do already have an on-premise SonarQube (Community Edition) and we are thinking of upgrading it, because of the benefits of the Pull Request decoration in VSTS. It worked fine with SonarQube Version 6.7 and msbuild. Unfortunately, this is not supported anymore. Plus we also switched to dotnet core (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.NET_Core).
I checked SonarCloud,too. The reason we are not considering it: SonarCloud has no support for active directory and we use custom build plugins.

The Table in https://docs.sonarqube.org/display/SONAR/Pull+Request+Analysis is still confusing, though.
According to the Table, Pull Request decoration is NOT available for VSTS, but it is available for TFS with on-premise SonarQube DE.

(Chris Buchanan) #12

Replying a little late, but we use SonarQube with VSTS largely as a governance issue. Our internal data governance procedures are such that we can only store data with certain third-parties. Since MS is on that list, we can use VSTS (or I guess Azure DevOps now) and Azure based VMs. So we host SQ in on a VM in one of our Azure subscriptions, and integrate it that way with VSTS. I suspect that you’ll find a number of larger companies fall into the same boat.