SQ DB Migration Issue

Hi Team,
In AWS cloud, SonarQube (v8.9.2) is installed in EC2 Instance with PostgreSQL (v11.13) and this DB want to migrate to another AWS account where SQ (v9.4) is installed in EKS cluster with PostgreSQL (v11.13).

I have followed the below steps but SQ is not reading the DB where as I am able to connect PostgreSQL DB in target environment.

  1. I took the snapshot of the DB in Source
  2. created copy from the snapshot and this copy shared with another AWS account
  3. In Target AWS account from shared with me, created new snapshot and tested the RDS connectivity and able to connect.
  4. in target environment updated RDS host name and re-installed / restarted the services but app nodes re not coming up.

could you please help, best practice to move the DB in cross account.


What do your server logs say?