Spring integration inside a plugin

Hello everyone. I don’t have much experience so please guide me. I need to use the Spring framework for my plugin, the webClient needs to make a request to a remote server and return a result, which then needs to be using by SQ. Is it possible to run a third party application inside a plugin? I didn’t find it in the documentation, if there is a section that is worth paying attention to, please indicate. I use maven, if you have an understanding of how to properly package the pom file, I will be grateful. Do I need to separately build the Spring jar and then include it as a dependency? I am attaching the current pom file. In this configuration, the plugin is generated, but the spring does not start. Any help is greatly appreciated.
pom.zip (1.8 KB)


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Could you more fully explain what you’re trying to accomplish? Also, when would this call to another server be made? During analysis? When would the 3rd-party application need to be executed? If it’s during analysis, you can take a look at community plugins like Checkstyle for a model of how to do that.