Running spring boot within sonarqube plugin

I have been developing a plugin which uses a small library (dependency)written using spring boot. But when running the plugin, the spring boot logic is breaking and I guess its because of the sonar-packaging-maven plugin and spring boot compatibility issue. Anyone has ever successfully
done a plugin or have idea how to get it working?

1C (BSL) Community plugin uses BSL Language Server (spring boot application) as library

You can check plugin sources here: GitHub - 1c-syntax/sonar-bsl-plugin-community: Поддержка языка 1С:Предприятие 8 и OneScript для SonarQube.

BSL LS sources are here: GitHub - 1c-syntax/bsl-language-server: Реализация Language Server Protocol для языка 1C (BSL)

Feel free to ask any questions.