SonrQube Issue: Exit code -1073741676:


After a successful build run via a python script,
The SonarQube anaylze fails with:
ERROR: Exception in thread pool-4-thread-20
com.sonar.cpp.analyzer.Analyzer$AnalyzerException: Exit code -1073741676:

I cannot understand why this is happening.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Hi Joshua,

Welcome to the community!

Can we have

  • Your SonarQube version
  • Your full analysis log

The analysis / scanner log is what’s output from the analysis command. Hopefully, the log you provide - redacted as necessary - will include that command as well.

This guide will help you find them.


Hi Ann,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Sure thing.
SonarQube Version:

sonarqube_error_log_updated.txt (113.1 KB)

analysis.log (1.1 MB)

Also here is the anaylsis.log file


Thanks for the logs. If you’re comfortable posting the reproducer file here, please do so:

A file named "" has been generated to help the problem investigation.
Please contact SonarSource support providing the following file to help improving the analyzer:

If not, I’ve flagged this for the relevant folks, and they’ll ping you for it soon.


Is there any other way to send it across? Maybe an email or something.

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I figured you’d say that. Someone will DM you.


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