SONARSource COBOL for Code Quality

We are planning to use SONAR Source for Code quality as a plugin to TOPAZ/ISPW Workbench. Pls help with below queries

  1. Does Plugin will support all 183+ rules on ISPW?
  2. Can we arrive at Cyclomatic metrics at Section & PARAGRAPH level also?
  3. IF Nesting cannot be greater than 4 , can we create a custom rule in SONARSource for the same?

I’m not sure I fully understand your questions but I can try to answer.

I really don’t know ISPW but you should be able to run SonarQube analysis on any continuous integration platform. The rules which are run entirely depend on the quality profile you define in SonarQube.

We have 2 separate rules which can be configured independently of each other:

The rule Control flow statements should not be nested too deeply has a parameter to define the maximum nesting level. You can define the value for this parameter in your quality profile through SonarQube’s user interface.