SonarScanner image for .net core sdk 6.0

Please suggest sonar scanner image for .net core with sdk 6.0.


The docs should help.


Hi @kjoshi ,

Can you explain more about why you want a Docker image of Sonar Scanner for .NET? What environment or CI tool is needed to use the image? Are you wanting to do custom things with it or just integrate it with your pipeline?

We don’t have such an image ready, so we are collecting more information about your use case before we proceed with developing such a capability.

Hi Joe

I need to integrate with my CI/CD pipeline.

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Hi @kjoshi ,

Because there isn’t an official Docker image for dotnet sonarscanner yet (and due to certain dependencies), you will have to find alternative methods.

Here are some links that might help you:

These other Sonar Community posts should help you: