SonarScanner for MSBuild is not working in Prepare Analyis Task of 4.18 version


We have been executing the SonarAnalysis from Azure successfully for 4.17 version of Sonarscanner for MSbuild. Prepare analyis task not working now in 4.18. It is not validating the license.

Sonarqube server version:
Azure devops : 2019
Prepare analyis task : 4.18

Hey there.

Are you sure those are the right logs? I see an exit code 0 which usually indicates success.

Sonarqube server version:

FYI, this version of SonarQube is extremely EOL. You should upgrade to v7.9 LTS, if anything to prepare for our soon-to-be released v8.9 LTS!

Thanks for your reply. But for the same sonarqube version, 4.17 version of Prepare analysis task executed successfully. If you see 4.18, even we get exit code as 0, no further downloading/ validation of license etc., as mentioned below in 4.17

That’s fine – but where do you actually see the error for an invalid license when using v4.18? It’s not in the original screenshot you posted.

It’s not explicitly throwing any error. 4.18 does not produce all those validations as we have in 4.17.

Roslyn analyzers also not installed in 4.18