SonarQube with TFS2013 - Error in Build

Good Morning,

I am create a project in dotnet 4.7.2 and trying set my project in BUILD with SonarQube, but my BUILD work only when don’t set SonarQube Configruation in Build Template.

Someone can help me please?

SonarQube Version: 8.0
Server: Windows Server 2012 R2

Configuration in template Build:

Pre-build Script path: C:\SonarQube\App\sonarqube\msbuilder\NETFramework_4_6_ou_superior\MSBuild.SonarQube.Runner.exe

Pre-build script arguments: C:\SonarQube\App\sonarqube\msbuilder\NETFramework_4_6_ou_superior\MSBuild.SonarQube.Runner.exe

3.Test/ 2.Advantage
Pre-test script arguments

Pre-test script arguments
end /d:sonar.login=“2dfa175a373b0750c2b2cce619baddf83132814f”

Hello @altamirdiascassiano,

You seem to be using a really old version of sonar scanner for MSBuild. Can you try the recommended sonar scanner for SonarQube 8.0 (See the documentation here) and let us know if this fixes the issue on your side.