Sonarqube web API - Help on getting All project sqale_index

I’m new to sonarqube, I’m trying to get the sqale_index through the web Api.
so far I was able to get this project per project using this:
" https://sonarURL/api/measures/component?component=Project_key&metricKeys=sqale_index ".
But this is not the results I want.
I want to get the sqale_index of all the projects in sonarqube within just one call of the API (I don’t want project per project).
is there any way of doing this?
Thank you


Welcome to the community!

Not sure why you’d want this, but there’s only one way to get it: You’ll need Enterprise Edition($$), which gives you access to Portfolios. Then you create a portfolio that aggregates all your projects, and from that you can pull this metric.


Thank you for your answer.
what I want to do is to analyse the sqale_index per project in power bi. So I have to pull this metric from sonar using the API. what I want to have at the end is something like this by using just one call from the API.

Project metric value
project_1 sqale_index 40
Project_2 sqale_index 40
Project_3 sqale_index 40
Project_4 sqale_index 40

sor far I was able to pull the sqale index for one project, using this call
https://sonarurl/api/measures/component?component=Project_key&metricKeys=sqale_index”. is there any way of having the parameter value “ALL_PROJECT” as the project_key in that call?


I don’t believe there is. You’ll need to iterate over the projects.


ah I see!!! I don’t know how to do that…I’ll see .
thank you!