List of all scanned project

Sonarqube version 7.9

Hi all,

Is there any api or database table that show all scanned project (listing all )and their passing grade?

Hello @darwin,

First of all you should never rely on the database schema to extract information (even if you may find there what you need). The schema may be changed any time without any advance notice.
On the other hand the Web APIs provide a stable interface to do all sorts of things with SonarQube including retrieving information, like all project scanned, their quality gates and all their metrics.

  • The list of project keys (unique project id) can be retrieved with api/projects/search
  • To get a list of measures (passing grades as you wrote) you must use api/measures/component
  • The list of metrics you can collect is given at and also returned (more accurate since aligned with your platform version and configuration) with api/metrics/search

Note that these APIs are governed with permissions, you must have enough of them to access those.
For more, the full Web API with detailed documentation (detailed parameters and required permissions in particular) can be accessed through the Web API link in the footer of your SonarQube pages


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Hi Olivier,

Thanks for your help