SonarQube v10.1.0 stops the service when trying to create a new project

I updated SonarQube from v9.9.1 LTS to v10.1.0, at first the code inspection works normally for existing projects, but when I click on the button to create a new project, Sonar becomes unresponsive and the service crashes. Then I need to restart the service so that Sonar works again, I can’t identify anything strange in the logs.
Does anyone have any tips on what might be going on?


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You’ve checked your server logs and don’t see any errors? Are you sure it’s the server that freezes and not your browser? Anything interesting in your browser’s developer console?


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Hello Ann! Thanks for your tip!

The error occurred when calling the endpoint http://localhost:9000/api/projects/create.
I identified that whenever I made this request, the database was locked.

Following the documentation found at I changed is_read_committed_snapshot_on to true and had no more problems

SonarQube 10.1.0 Community Edition

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