SonarQube URL changes when cut/pasted


(Inna Nill) #1

Using SonarQube 6.7.4, I tagged some projects with different tags and then selected one of the tags in the Filters section. This showed only the projects for that tag, as expected:
Example: http://<my_url>/projects?sort=name&tags=team6

I then took that exact url and copy/pasted it to another window. However, when I hit “Enter” to load that page, it cut out the “tags=team6” part of the URL and only gave me this:
New URL: http://<my_url>/projects?sort=name

I tried this with some other selections from the Filter area, and they all get removed when I copy/paste the URL.

Can someone tell me what’s happening?

(Inna Nill) #2

Still looking for an answer for this… Is this a bug in SonarQube?

(G Ann Campbell) #5


Sorry for the delay in responding. It appears that you’ve found a UI bug. I have reproduced this in the LTS, but can’t reproduce it in the current version, so it appears to be fixed, although I can’t point to a specific ticket that handled this.

Unfortunately, we don’t plans to address this in the LTS.


(Inna Nill) #6

Thanks for the reply. I will get the latest version of SonarQube (release 7.3, correct?) into our sandbox environment and give it a try. We are planning to upgrade within the next couple of months anyway.

(G Ann Campbell) #7


7.3 is the current version. 7.4 should be out this week.