SonarQube upgrade to 9.2.2 failed

Hello to all!

I want to upgrade our SonarQube from the version 8.9.3-developer to 9.2.2-developer. We rollout SonarQube via Docker and Ansible. The database is Postgres 12.3. The host system is a CentOS 7.

If I upgrade SonarQube directly from 8.9.3-developer to 9.2.2-developer the container starts fine. I open the address http://mySonarQubeServerURL/setup and follow the setup instructions. After the click on Upgrade, I wait a short time. Then, it comes a message, that SonarQube is offline. A docker ps tell me, the SonarQube container runs only a few seconds, and starts again. In the logs of the container, I can read the “Configuration detection fot Code Quality and Security” plugin failed to load. The compatibility matrix says, this plugin is bundled (I think it is a part of one of the “Code Quality and Security” plugins):

Other things like “VACUUM FULL” before database upgrade have no effects.

If I upgrade SonarQube from 8.9.3-developer to 9.1-developer all works fine. If I upgrade from 9.1-developer to 9.2.2-developer I get the same error, like from 8.9.3-developer to 9.2.2-developer.
I think it will be a bug of the new SonarQube version. It will be nice, if you can fix it! :slightly_smiling_face:

The Code Quality and Security plugin with version from the container log:

  • Configuration detection fot Code Quality and Security /

Here, you can find the output of the SonarQube container log:

Thank you very much!


Your log shows you have YAML Analyzer 1.5.1 installed. That’s not compatible with 9.2 and is the root cause of your problem. As noted in the compatibility matrix, you’ll need to use version 1.7.0 or uninstall it completely.


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Yes, this was the problem! Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

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