SonarQube upgrade through LTS

I am not sure about the SonarQube update scheme, therefore asking.
We have installed version 8.9.1 LTS and we would like to update to 9.2.
So, can we directly update 8.9.1 LTS to 9.2 or should we go 8.9.1 LTS to latest 8.9 LTS patch (which is 8.9.3 currently) to 9.2?
Chart in the docs doesn’t quite answer that question.
I know the rest of the update process.
Thanks for help!


Welcome to the community!

Once you’re on any point version of an LTS you can upgrade from there. So yes, from 8.9.1 you can jump straight to 9.2.1.

The reason you have to go through LTSs in an upgrade path is about database schema changes. Every point release knows the schema changes since the previous LTS, but nothing before that. Which is why you don’t need to get to the latest point release of the current LTS before you move on.