SonarQube timing out after Postgres version upgrade to 12

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):
SonarQube 9.9.0
Deployed via docker container
Restore functionality
Increased the size of the DB hosting sonarqube.
Current combing logs for any warning about missing indexes.

AWS upgraded our postgresql instance this morning with a major rev (10 → 12) this has caused sonarqube performance to begin to fail. Builds that are trying to reach out for their respective rules/quality gates are failing to get a response from the sonarqube server and timing out.

The database shows a drastically increasing amount of CPU in use. We doubled the size of the database but it’s still burning through all available CPU.

The UI is still functional and works well navigating through the product. It’s our build process that’s stuck at the moment trying to scan code.

Any guidance is appreciated here.

For any interested parties that might find this in the future. Our solution was to reindex the following tables:

  • issues
  • rules
  • components

After this was complete, started SonarQube up agani and it was responding normally.


@Zogar You are my hero. Spent the past few hours running in circles trying to work out why scan’s were suddenly failing to run.


Hi @Zogar, @Philip_Bradshaw,

Thanks for sharing this with us. We’ve created a documentation ticket to mention reindexing database tables as a way to troubleshoot this issue.

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