Sonarqube Table where it is located in MSSQL 16

I have install Sonarqube and point to MSSQL 16. Its running fine, It show table creation in web.log file but I am unable to find the sonar table in Sonar database.

Please advise me.


What is the default schema of your sonarqube user in your MSSQL database ?


Dear Alex

we are using dbo schema for the user

Any updates.

Please help me out.

Have you checked if the tables were in the dbo schema ?

Table is not available anywhere but application is working fine.

Let me know ,any other information needed


I have removed sonar database from the server then also sonarqube is working fine, but when I change the server name or credentials then it fails to start the sonarqube.

When I saw sonarqube application Administrator -> System -> System Info. Its is pointing to mssql 16.

Kindly help me where is actual table and data is populating.

There is lots of magic.

Finally I have got it. It is saved in Master database but why it is saved in that database.
I am really don’t know.

Please advise me what mistake I have done.

can you please paste your jdbc url from the file?

There is space between url and databaseName and finally I have fixed it. Thanks for your time.