SonarQube stopped

Sonar version: sonarqube-
Windows 10 64 bit

I have setup Java11 for SonarQube. It prints the message Process[es] is up and then it stops.

Hello @Bharadwaj_Joshi ,

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can you share the log entries that were produced during the startup? they can be found in C:\Users\523047\Downloads\software\sonar\logs

web.log (17.3 KB)

Hey, really appreciate the prompt response. Sure, PFA the web log file.

looks like there is a port conflict on your system. please check if there is another sonarqube instance still running that did not terminate completely or if something else is blocking port 9000 on your system. if you can not determinate which process this could be or can not free this port for other reasons, you can change the web port with the property sonar.web.port

hope this helps to get your instance up and running :slight_smile: