Sonarqube service is not starting

I have set up sonarqube instance using bitnami package. I have noticed that my sonarqube developer edition license has expired. We are in the process of renewing the same. The VM where sonarqube is set up, was restarted and after that sonarqube service and portal are not working. Below are my queries

  1. Should I understand that the sonarqube service and portal not running due to license issues ?
  2. I have been trying to start the service and I don’t find any proper logs why service can not be started. I have raised an issue in bitnami community regarding the same.


Welcome to the community!

SonarQube should still run, even with an expired license. You just won’t be able to run new analyses. Check your server logs to see why it’s not starting.


Thanks for the response. I could make it working by following the stackoverflow solution. I am not sure this is the ideal way. However, it looks good now.