SonarQube service fails to start at instance reboot

We are running an on-prem instance of SonarQube version We have configured the instance for SSL to integrate with Github following this tutorial (recommended by SonarQube): Configure SSL for SonarQube on Windows. After converting to SSL with a reverse proxy, when we reboot the server the SonarQube service fails to start with an error “Application ‘S:\PostgreSQL\12\bin\postgres.exe’ (pid 2172) cannot be restarted - Application SID does not match Conductor SID…”. I am able to remedy this issue manually by stopping IIS, then starting SonarQube, and then starting IIS. Has anyone experienced this and is there a known solution? We need to be able to restart the server without manual intervention.

Hey there.

The issue appears to be that Postgres can’t start, rather than SonarQube (and you’ve created a dependency between Postgres starting and SonarQube, I imagine because that’s the database that backs your SonarQube server). You should look into why Postgres fails to start.

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