SonarQube server with mixed project

We are running SonarQube Developer Edition - Version 10.3 (build 82913) hosted on Azure. Our project is C# and Angular mixed project. Is there a way to configure so all code is analyzed or do we have to split our repo in separate projects?

Yes, you can analyze C# and Typescript/Javascript in one build.
The prepare step before any build, the analyse and publish steps after both builds and unit tests. Especially for Typescript take care that the result format of the unit tests can be parsed by SonarQube.

Thank you for the reply. We have followed your recommendations and our SonarQube server only display issues for whichever code was analyzed last. We cannot get our SonarQube server to display all issues in C# and JS/TS code.


Analyses aren’t additive. As you’ve observed, each new analysis replaces the one before it. You’ll need to include everything in the same analysis. The docs should help.