Sonarqube scanning support for Bash and Powershell scripts - Community Edition

Hi Team,

We are using Sonarqube community Edition 9.2.3 version. We would like to know if the SonarQube community edition supports scanning of the Powershell and Bash Scripts?


Hey there.

There’s search functionality on this forum, and I think you’ll find answers to your question :slight_smile:

I went through them, am not able to find the bash plugin in the market place.

Also confirmed that there is no powershell support, but there is a plugin available but not the official one.

Could you provide me the search keywords for the bash plugin ?

Hi Colin,

Would like to know suggestive method to scan the batch/powershell scripts. Please help me.
Can we use PSScriptAnalyser and scan the files, after that can we pass them to the sonarqube server to show them on the UI?

Adding @ganncamp also. pls do help.

Hi Prasad,

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