Sonarqube scanner not pushing comments to git hub


(Okhan98) #1

Whenever I try to do a sonar preview scan, comments aren’t being pushed on github. I can do a full analysis report and have new bugs be detected, but whenever I do a preview comments for bugs are not being pushed to github. I am running the analysis with the graddle plugin. The parameters I am using are:
-Dsonar.analysis.mode=preview -Dsonar.analysis.prNumber=10 -Dsonar.github.oauth=*********** -Dsonar.login=****** -Dsonar.github.repository=***** -Dsonar.verbose=true.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


You appear to be trying to use the deprecated GitHub plugin, but without quite the right set of parameters. You might want to take another look at its documentation.


(Okhan98) #3

Thanks! should have been -Dsonar.github.prNumber=10 instead of -Dsonar.analysis.prNumber=10