Sonarqube scanner not including some files like .cls and .triggers

We are using Sonarqube Enterprise edition 7.9.1 with Sonarscanner version
we are scanning the repository with master branch and we are unable to scan the files such as .cls and .trigger files .Can you please help us with this issue.


Under what language are you expecting those files to be analyzed? SonarQube Enterprise Edition ships with 27 languages, each of which automatically “recognizes” the file extensions that are generally associated with it. If no language recognizes an extension then it’s likely you simply don’t have the ability to analyze the file in SonarQube.

If you feel this is an error and that these files should be analyzable as one of the languages already recognized by your SonarQube instance, an administrator can update the language’s list of extensions.

If not, it might be possible to find a 3rd-party plugin that would recognize and analyze the files for you, but I’m not aware of any off-hand.