Sonarqube Scanner for Jenkins, analysis in parallel ? [SONARJNKNS-316]


we want to speed up several parts of our Jenkins pipelines, including the Sonarqube analysis.
AFAIK the analysis in parallel is still not officially supported, Sonarqube docs

If you want to run multiple analysis in the same pipeline and use waitForQualityGate you have to do everything in order

Some teams nevertheless use the Sonarqube analysis in parallel, the duration of the analysis
is reduced from 8-9 mins to 2-3 mins.
The parallel scans are running fine most of the time, but sometimes one of several modules runs on timeout, waiting for the webhook from Sonarqube server (= waitForQualityGate() step).
It seems there are threading problems, when the listener waits for the Json payload of its analysisid.

We’ve opened a support ticket in late 2019 (SUPPORT-16650) which resulted in the Jira ticket
but it has still status unresolved.

When will this problem be tackled ?
Automation and speed up are key and the Sonarqube analysis within parallel saves more than
half the time.