Parallel analysis


(Andy Elliott) #1

I’m trying to find out if there is a way to enable parallel analysis using the maven scanner. E.g. using multiple threads to performa analysis. Is this possible? Can anyone advise how?

Thanks in advance!

(Dinesh Bolkensteyn) #2

It is not possible to parallelize the analysis part using the Maven scanner. You can however speed-up the build prior to the analysis using Maven’s mechanisms (but I guess you already are aware of this).

How long is the analysis currently taking?

(Andy Elliott) #3

Hi Dinesh, thanks for the response.

Our analysis isn’t taking a particularly long time but we are using SonarCloud and we do have quite a number of builds going through in a day - all our PRs are analysed. A typical analysis will run for 10 minutes or so but we use a cloud based CI with a small number of nodes so ideally I was trying to reduce the length of time the nodes were being tied up with the analysis.

I might just have to add another node or two and tell my fellow devs to be a little more patient :slight_smile:

Thanks again for responding.

(sangeeta) #4

Our sonar Analysis takes more than 48 Hours because we are having very huge project is there a specific way to run it on different machine for parallel execution.

(Dinesh Bolkensteyn) #5

Can you say a bit more @sangeeta?

  • What is your SonarQube version?
  • Which languages do you analyze in this 48 hours project?
  • What is the sensor break down time on the 48 hours (feel free to share the analysis logs with me)
  • How long does the build of this project take on your CI server (i.e. without the SonarQube analysis)? I am trying to understand how much overhead SonarQube is adding: does it become 2x slower, 10x slower?

Thank you

(sangeeta) #6

I am really sorry the project takes 8-10 hours.
we are using sonarcube 7.3
we are having 11000 files and 160 rules enable some of them are custom rules written by us. We are using java
(jsp,spring), javascript in most of files .
We are doing this process on standalone sonar cube server it is not part of our CI server deployment process.

(Dinesh Bolkensteyn) #7

Thanks @sangeeta for the quick follow-up, and it’s good to know that we’re talking 8-10 hours and not 48 :slight_smile:

However, in order to be able to really understand what is going on, I will need more information from you: Either the complete SonarQube analysis logs, or at the very least the sensor timings (grep the lines containing Sensor from the logs).

Thank you